What Is The Difference Between A Stroke And A Heart Attack?

Two of the scariest things you can encounter are a heart attack and stroke. You may ask yourself, “what is the difference between a stroke and a heart attack?” They may share a few commonalities, but they’re entirely different events. One involves the heart, while the other involves the brain.Indeed, monitoring your health and knowing […]

Can Dogs Have Heart Attacks? Dog Heart Health 101

Image via Pex​​elsWe all know that heart attacks are a major source of worry for a lot of people. However, people don’t tend to think a lot about the risk of a heart attack in a dog. You may wonder, then, can dogs have heart attacks? Quick Navigation C​AN DOGS HAVE HEART ATTACKS?WHAT IS A […]

Coffee vs. Energy Drinks: Which One Is Worse for Your Heart?

In the old coffee vs. energy drinks debate, which is worse for your heart? There’s good news if you’re looking for an answer. That’s because the science is definitive in this debate. But, like with all things, everything depends on a whole bunch of factors. Ask yourself this: Have you ever drank an entire tall boy can of […]