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What Is The Difference Between A Stroke And A Heart Attack?

Two of the scariest things you can encounter are a heart attack and stroke. You may ask yourself, “what is the difference between a stroke and a heart attack?” They may share a few commonalities, but they’re entirely different events. One involves the heart, while the other involves the brain.Indeed, monitoring your health and knowing […]

How Does A Defibrillator Work?

You may have often wondered to yourself, “How does a defibrillator work?” Of course, you probably know the basics. It has, after all, been played out in movies more times than most of us care to remember.“There’s no pulse,” someone cries. A shirt is ripped open; two paddles press down upon a patient’s chest and […]

How To Calculate Cardiac Output And Why It’s Important

Many people are worried about heart health, or cardiovascular health. And why wouldn’t they be? Even though you may not know all of the technical jargon, you can still benefit from knowing a little bit more about the topic. This is why it could help to learn how to calculate cardiac output.Cardiac output is a […]

6 Common Cardiac Sarcoidosis Symptoms to Be Aware Of

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, clinically evident cardiac sarcoidosis causes complete heart block and bundle branch block in 23 to 30 and 12 to 32 percent, respectively, of patients with the condition. Such unfortunate occurrences can lead to health problems and sudden death, which is why it is crucial to learn about […]