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What are Heart Palpitations

If you’ve felt your heart pound, skip a beat or race in your chest, chances are you experienced a heart palpitation.But what are heart palpitations?Heart palpitations may make you feel like your heart is fluttering, murmuring, flip-flopping or racing. It’s a change in the regular heartbeat your heart produces.To many, this can be worrisome at […]

What is a Stress Test

If you’ve been experiencing certain heart issues, your doctor may suggest you take a stress test.Now, don’t stress.A stress test is not as stressful as it sounds, unless you’re terrified of exercise.This type of heart testing is also called a treadmill test. It gives your doctor a better idea of how well your heart functions […]

What you need to know about heart chambers

The more you learn about the heart chambers, the closer you are to learning about the heart itself, one of our vital organs.Hearts beat roughly 100,000 times per day and push almost 5,000 gallons of vital blood through the human body within this time as well.It eliminates waste and brings nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to […]

Can Pulmonary Stenosis Be Treated Naturally

The condition known as pulmonary valve stenosis is one that many people want to know more about. It can occur as a result of a related illness, or it can be present from birth.In either case, there is plenty to know about this condition.And the more you know, the better. Quick Navigation What is Pulmonary […]

How To Prevent Prinzmetal Angina

Having a heart attack is probably one of the most frightening turns our health can take.More often than not, the warning signs are there for us, and they can rise up in a way that convinces us we are actually having a heart attack.However, angina is just the beginning.There are several types, and Prinzmetal angina […]

How Serious Is Unstable Angina

Heart problems are always a concern. The word ‘angina’ is enough to strike fear into anyone on its own, so to be told you have ‘unstable angina’ borders on terrifying.But for many people, that fear is tainted with confusion.What exactly does it mean?In this article, we’ll allay those fears with the cold, hard facts.Instead, you’ll […]