Cardiopulmonary Disease: Everything You Need to Know

Image from PixabayIn the United States, millions of patients suffer from cardiopulmonary disease. This disease can affect the entire body. But few people know they’re at risk or even what these conditions mean for their overall health. Quick Navigation CARDIOPULMONARY DISEASE AND RELATED CONDITIONSWHAT IS CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE?WATCH OUT FOR THESE SYMPTOMS AND RISK FACTORSHOW YOUR […]

Mitral Valve Regurgitation: How Is It Diagnosed?

Mitral valve regurgitation goes by many names. Mitral incompetence, mitral insufficiency, and mitral regurgitation all work to describe what this defect in your heart valve does – in some way. It shows that Mitral valve regurgitation is when your mitral valve isn’t working sufficiently.What happens is, the mitral valve in your heart isn’t able to […]

Truncus Arteriosus: Everything You Need To Know

As far as birth defects go, discovering your baby has an issue with their heart is one of the most dreaded things to learn from medical staff.Truncus arteriosus may be rare, but this congenital defect truly packs a punch when it does show up. The silver lining is that it is treatable, and your child […]

How to Treat Mitral Stenosis

Some heart conditions are more serious than others. Heart conditions fall into two categories – those that are genetic, and those that are caused by lifestyle. Correctly diagnosing signs and symptoms of a possible heart condition combined with getting to the bottom of the cause is inherent to receiving proper treatment. While not all heart conditions are the […]

Acute Coronary Syndrome Symptoms

Acute Coronary Syndrome SymptomsThere are many different types of heart conditions.While some terms are used to describe specific issues, others are used as umbrella terms to cover medical problems closely related to one another.Let’s take a look at one of these umbrella terms used in the medical field and discuss its symptoms, among other characteristics. […]

Is Microvascular Disease Dangerous

Is Microvascular Disease Dangerous?Coronary microvascular disease or MVD can increase your risk of a heart attack. But that’s no reason to panic.Likely, you came to this web page because you asked “Dr. Google” whether microvascular disease was dangerous or not.Of course, having a heart attack is dangerous.But you are not guaranteed to have a heart […]

What Exactly Is Bradycardia

Heart Disease – What Exactly is Bradycardia?Our bodies usually run like a well-oiled machine, but it can be very frightening when things aren’t working as well as they usually do.Arming ourselves with enough information as possible helps to alleviate stress which in turn can often alleviate physical symptoms. This post will take an in-depth look […]

What are Heart Palpitations

If you’ve felt your heart pound, skip a beat or race in your chest, chances are you experienced a heart palpitation.But what are heart palpitations?Heart palpitations may make you feel like your heart is fluttering, murmuring, flip-flopping or racing. It’s a change in the regular heartbeat your heart produces.To many, this can be worrisome at […]

What is a Stress Test

If you’ve been experiencing certain heart issues, your doctor may suggest you take a stress test.Now, don’t stress.A stress test is not as stressful as it sounds, unless you’re terrified of exercise.This type of heart testing is also called a treadmill test. It gives your doctor a better idea of how well your heart functions […]

What you need to know about heart chambers

The more you learn about the heart chambers, the closer you are to learning about the heart itself, one of our vital organs.Hearts beat roughly 100,000 times per day and push almost 5,000 gallons of vital blood through the human body within this time as well.It eliminates waste and brings nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to […]