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Best Heart Healthy Cookbooks: Healthy Eating Habits

image via: pxhere.comGetting some of the best heart-healthy cookbooks to inspire healthy eating habits is a must for many folks. If you or a loved one has ever had a heart scare, you know what I mean. Our heart is literally the organ that keeps us ticking, so it’s high time we straightened up and […]

Can Dogs Have Heart Attacks? Dog Heart Health 101

Image via Pex​​elsWe all know that heart attacks are a major source of worry for a lot of people. However, people don’t tend to think a lot about the risk of a heart attack in a dog. You may wonder, then, can dogs have heart attacks? Quick Navigation C​AN DOGS HAVE HEART ATTACKS?WHAT IS A […]

Coffee vs. Energy Drinks: Which One Is Worse for Your Heart?

In the old coffee vs. energy drinks debate, which is worse for your heart? There’s good news if you’re looking for an answer. That’s because the science is definitive in this debate. But, like with all things, everything depends on a whole bunch of factors. Ask yourself this: Have you ever drank an entire tall boy can of […]

Cardiopulmonary Disease: Everything You Need to Know

Image from PixabayIn the United States, millions of patients suffer from cardiopulmonary disease. This disease can affect the entire body. But few people know they’re at risk or even what these conditions mean for their overall health. Quick Navigation CARDIOPULMONARY DISEASE AND RELATED CONDITIONSWHAT IS CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE?WATCH OUT FOR THESE SYMPTOMS AND RISK FACTORSHOW YOUR […]

What Is A Heart Murmur: What You Need To Know

The human heart, in a healthy adult, beats somewhere around 50 to 100 times a minute. The lower amount is a resting rate, and the higher amount is when you are exerting yourself. But, what is a heart murmur?There are many different things that can affect the averages of heartbeats, and whether or not your […]

Mitral Valve Regurgitation: How Is It Diagnosed?

Mitral valve regurgitation goes by many names. Mitral incompetence, mitral insufficiency, and mitral regurgitation all work to describe what this defect in your heart valve does – in some way. It shows that Mitral valve regurgitation is when your mitral valve isn’t working sufficiently.What happens is, the mitral valve in your heart isn’t able to […]

What Is a Right Sided Heart Failure? A Complete Guide

To understand right-sided heart failure, you need to know what heart failure is, what causes it, and how the heart works in the first place. First, you need to know that heart failure isn’t the end – there are things that can be done to help get your heart pumping again like it’s supposed to […]

How to Improve Heart Health for a Longer and Better Quality Life Right Now

Image by Pezibear via Pixabay You take your kids to school, drop them off, wish ’em goodbye, and tell them with a wink, “Now you kids behave! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” They smile at you and say, “Sure, dad. Whatever you say.” You pull away from the school, checking for them in the […]

Truncus Arteriosus: Everything You Need To Know

As far as birth defects go, discovering your baby has an issue with their heart is one of the most dreaded things to learn from medical staff.Truncus arteriosus may be rare, but this congenital defect truly packs a punch when it does show up. The silver lining is that it is treatable, and your child […]

Pulmonary Valve: Everything You Need To Know

The heart is a delicate machine and ingenious feat of nature. It holds the power of life in our chests, and is an integral component in our bodies. Any threat to its inner workings is a threat on our life.Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky to be born with a perfectly-functioning heart. Just the smallest […]